World War II Research

Deputy Chief – World War II Research and Investigation Branch

After only a few months of service with the Department of Defense, Chief Stone was appointed to the position of Deputy Chief in the World War II Research and Investigation Branch. In addition to his efforts to resolve on-going internal conflicts and agency command inefficiencies, Chief Stone personally conducted investigations into servicemen who were not recovered from the following:

Battle of Tarawa

USS California (Pearl Harbor)

USS West Virginia (Pearl Harbor)

USS Arizona (Pearl Harbor)

Missing Air Crew Report 11661 – B26 Loss in Germany

Battle of Guam

Battle of Peleliu

JPAC Incident 109 – B25 Loss in New Guinea

JPAC Incident 815 – Sinking of LCT 988 off Hawaii

JPAC Incident 425 – Philippines (Cabanatuan POWs)

BUNO 58471 – F6F Fighter Losses in Yap

Missing Air Crew Report 1267 – P38 Loss in Germany

JPAC Incident 853 – First Casualty during Sicily Invasion

JPAC Incident 27 Other – C124 Loss in Alaska  –  Anchorage Daily News – June 27, 2012 “Aircraft debris found on glacier 12 miles from 1952 crash site

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Click on the image above for a direct link to a story regarding a case investigation by the Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation courtesy of Fox News, Veterans Day, November 11, 2019

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  1. Please inform of any recent activity re recovery of missing marines from Tarawa. My father was : victor Harold Feldner, PFC, USMC 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, 2nd Marine Division, killed while landing on Red Beach II on21st November 1943

  2. I am currently trying to get information on the recovery effort for my Uncle. Sgt Alfonso O. Duran, lost in Feb 25, 1944, over Slovenia. There exact location of his grave site is known and has been known for over ten years, but the DPMO has been unable to recover these remains or to explain why. At least four “field investigations” have been made to the site, and a final 2012 Report of Investigation concluded that the remains were most likely those of Sgt Duran and recommended that the case be presented to the JPAC Excavation Board. Apparently, no action has been taken. I am now working with my congressperson to try and get some answers, but the DOD is basically stonewalling. This set of updates will be of great value as I document the failure of the DOD to recover my Uncle’s remains and continue my campaign TO BRING HIM HOME.

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