Hollywood Florida Police Department


HPD Chief 2_2A department “mired in scandal” was how the Miami Herald described the Hollywood Police Department when Rick Stone accepted the challenge as the Chief of Police for the City of Hollywood, Florida on October 1, 1996. “I want a police chief with the guts to do his job” the City Manager was quoted as saying when he recruited and hired Rick Stone to “make changes in a Department in turmoil” and instill a sense of honor and integrity in an organization with a long history of unprofessional conduct.

Chief Stone was responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to promote community policing and change the organizational culture of the Hollywood Police Department. Soon, the newspaper headlines were changing to read “Hollywood Police Back on Track” and “Hollywood Chief Wins High Marks for Street Approach”.

In little over a year, Chief Stone completely reorganized the Department and instituted new policies and procedures to professionalize the Hollywood Police Department.  He served on the executive boards of the Broward County Chiefs of Police Association, the Broward County Crime Commission and the Police Athletic League.

Chief Stone officially retired from the Hollywood Police Department after three years of service as the highest rated department director in the City of Hollywood.

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