Foundation Facts Regarding MIA Activities

As of June 30, 2019 there are 72, 713 missing American servicemen and women from World War II.

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) has announced it has “accounted for” 42 MIA’s from World War II during the period 1 January thru 30 June 2019.

At this current rate, it is estimated that it will take DPAA over 1,000 years to “account for” all of our World War II MIA’s.  Just the 8,637 “Unknowns” buried in American cemeteries will take over 100 years to identify even if DPAA concentrated solely on these cases!

The current budget of DPAA is approximately $130 million, not including private donations DPAA is allowed to seek and accept.

The most expensive portion of DPAA’s budget are its multiple laboratory facilities in Hawaii and Nebraska.

The backlog of recovered sets of remains awaiting identification at the DPAA Laboratory in Hawaii is estimated to exceed 1,100 American servicemen and women who are stored in cardboard boxes in a storage room.

The primary methods used by the now defunct Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) and the current  DPAA Laboratory are 19th century dental comparison techniques and fuzzy clavicle x-ray comparisons.

The average time for identification after remains are received in the DPAA/JPAC laboratory was reported by an internal JPAC study to be eleven years.

On 30 January 2015, JPAC was officially deactivated by the Department of Defense. The Defense Department’s efforts at reform followed a series of embarrassing scandals and damning revelations in reports and testimony before Congress concerning failures in the effort to identify missing war dead.

Prior to being disbanded, the JPAC Laboratory referred to 21st century techniques such as biometric comparisons, cranial facial recognition computerization, and DNA analysis as “voodoo science.”

Most of the same JPAC Laboratory managers when the organization was disbanded in 2015 under a firestorm of criticism now work in the DPAA Laboratory.

The head of JPAC who was dismissed when JPAC was disbanded for being “acutely dysfunctional” in 2015 was re-hired as the Director of DPAA in 2017.

Thankfully, DPAA has shifted from “identifying” recovered remains at its own inept laboratories to “accounting for” recovered remains identified by others.  The vast majority of current identifications of MIAs are completed by the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory using DNA comparisons.

DPAA has obtained “Family Reference Samples” from only 6% of the families of MIAs from WW II.

To date, The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation has completed over 430 comprehensive investigations requested by the families of MIAs.  The purpose of this research is to promote the education of family members and others by aiding in the recovery, identification, and return of these missing heroes.

There is absolutely NO charge to the families of MIAs for the Foundation’s case investigations.

The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation is NOT a corporation.  We do NOT have “Inc.” at the end of our Foundation’s name.  We do NOT seek and accepts huge, multi-million dollar annual government contracts while claiming to be a “non-profit” to beg the public for money

DPAA doles out millions of taxpayer dollars annually to corporations who claim to be “non-profit charities” while these “non-profits” seek out private donations to do the same work they are paid millions by the government to perform.  The Associated Press reported in June 2019 that just one “non-profit” corporation has received $4.1 million this year alone from DPAA and had received a total of $12 million over the past few years.

Many of the “non-profit” corporations supported by DPAA’s mega grants pay their members for activities, including “administrative compensation.”

The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation does NOT seek or accept any government funding nor do we pay salaries or “administration compensation” to anyone.   The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation insures that not one single penny is ever spent for “administrative compensation.”  ALL members of the Foundation agree to serve without compensation.

DPAA refuses to share even basic information from government public records with Foundation researchers and insists that the Foundation must use the legal system to force them to provide any data.

The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation filed two federal lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) against JPAC/DPAA to obtain documents and prevailed in both cases in Federal District Court.

In 2019, the Foundation formally urged DPAA to take the opportunity provided by the resolution of the last lawsuit to help establish a new spirit of cooperation between DPAA and our charitable foundation.

DPAA’s response was a directive to the Foundation to file more lawsuits concluding “DPAA cannot provide special treatment to any one person or organization”, despite providing multiple millions of dollars to other organizations.

The Freedom of Information Act requires government agencies to provide information within 20 business days of the request.  FOIA requests by the Foundation often requires DPAA two to three YEARS to process.

The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation does NOT sell our reports or copies of government records to anyone.   We do NOT sell memberships, battlefield tours, airplane rides, books with photographs of our ancestor’s skeletal remains, or hire telemarketers to solicit money.  Some members of “non-profit” corporations shamelessly promote these multi-million dollar activities by SELLING books with false information and photographs of the skeletal remains of MIA’s to make a buck.

Some DPAA private contractors make wild claims in the media about recovering and identifying “hundreds” of missing servicemen, as do some bogus “non-profit” corporations in hopes of obtaining more government contracts and more private donations to do the same work.  Sadly, DPAA often publically credits their hired contractors with the recoveries of MIA’s for which the contractors had absolutely no involvement.

The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation does NOT claim to recover or identify missing American servicemen and women.  Our mission is to provide information to families of MIAs.

The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation has repeatedly offered DPAA copies of our research files at no charge, including investigation details and maps with the locations of missing American servicemen and women.

We always stand ready to assist the Department of Defense by utilizing the advanced law enforcement investigative techniques we developed based on our “Random Incident Statistical Correlation (RISC)” biometric profiling system and other sophisticated technologies we have helped develop such as MissingPersonLink’s computerized “Cranial Facial Recognition Program (CFRP).”

In conjunction with our extensive Foundation databases, our researchers and investigators can provide the names of the most likely matches as specific recommendations for forensic analysis of any remains recovered from World War II battlefields.  When cases we have investigated are resolved with the official identification of a MIA by the Department of Defense, our Foundation is the first to offer thanks to ALL who were involved in the process and note the extent of our Foundation’s involvement in the case, which may have been large or small.

You may see specific information on MIA cases that were the subject of investigations by Chief Rick Stone while at the Department of Defense or by researchers and investigators at the Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation and who were recovered and returned home .  Click on the link below:


Finally, the Board of Directors of The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation would like to leave you with this anonymous quote which graced the office of our founder during his tenure at the Department of Defense:


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