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“Hello all.  Recently some of you have contacted our Foundation inquiring about suspicious situations which I feel everyone who has an interest in MIA recoveries should be warned about.

First, please DO NOT send money to ANY organization who solicits donations on behalf of MIA’s without thoroughly first investigating the organization’s funding source.  One question you should ask yourself is: Does a corporation who is receiving millions of dollars in government contracts for MIA projects really need my money?  If that seems ethically appropriate with you for organizations to receive huge amounts of funding from the government to do the same work they are asking you to pay for, then by all means follow your conscience.  If not, ask the organization up front if they are receiving government funding for their MIA activities before you donate.  Be warned, these organizations won’t like it when you bring this up and they have even criticized those who have suggested that this practice be questioned.

And, you should ask US the same question before you consider donating to our Foundation’s efforts to provide information to the families of missing American servicemen or service women.  The answer is that the Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation does NOT SOLICIT NOR ACCEPT ANY government funding…no matter what some other individual or organization may lead you to believe!   

Second, recent news reports about the alleged theft of government materials from the National Archives are disturbing.  Here are the links to some of the stories in the news:

Virginia Man Pleads Guilty In WWII Dog Tags Theft

Virginia man pleads guilty in WWII dog tags theft



Man accused of stealing WWII dog tags from National Archives



Man accused of stealing WWII-era dog tags seeks trial delay



THIS IS NOT US!  While we have noted that this person cites affiliations with other organizations online, he is NOT a member of the Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation! Our research is based on documents we have lawfully obtained through hundreds of Freedom of Information Act requests to various government agencies, two successful Federal civil lawsuits to obtain public records, information provided to us by family members and other researchers, online research of public records, or our own Foundation’s investigators’ research at the National Archives or the National Personnel Records Center. 

As always, thank you for your support and don’t hesitate to contact us by using the form below if you have any questions that I or the Foundation can  answer for you.”

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