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Retired Chief, Naval Historian of the U.S. Navy, Rick Stone, is seeking a literary agent to find a publisher for his latest non-fiction book, negotiate contracts on his behalf and manage the marketing process from publication through sales.  All proceeds due the author will be donated directly to the Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation.

While Chief Stone is a published author of one novel, Behind the Gold Star,

and many professional works and articles dealing with supervision and management; No Home for Heroes is his first foray into the non-fiction genre.




Inside America’s Dysfunctional Search for Its MIA’s and the Story of One Lost Warrior

    By   R I C K    S T O N E

The heart of No Home for Heroes are the stories of a young airman, taken from his actual hand written letters home, and how his experiences eerily mesh with Chief Stone’s attempts to find him almost 70 years after the airman’s loss during World War II.

Chief Stone’s diary entries are included unedited in No Home for Heroes to vividly detail his own frustrating experiences as the Deputy Chief of the World War II Research and Investigation Branch within the Department of Defense.

The lost airman’s letters are poignant and irreverent.  Chief Stone’s diary entries are equally frank and irreverent as he attempted to find some sense with the management ineptitude and insanity that surrounded him during his attempts bring home our missing American servicemen from World War II.

The true story features the airman’s ghost-like voice captured in his letters from beyond the grave with the documented dysfunctional governmental organization that was so poorly managed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in Congressional testimony about the organization, called it ”disgraceful.”

Little did Chief Stone know how the search for the missing airman would ultimately bring down the entire government agency charged with finding him and literally change the way the United States seeks to find its missing military heroes from our past conflicts.

No Home for Heroes is a completed, professionally edited, and copyrighted manuscript of approximately 77,000 words, plus scans and photographs, which was described by one proof reader as “the non-fiction version of Catch-22.”

New literary agents with the passion and energy to place No Home for Heroes with a reputable publisher are encouraged to contact us as well as established literary agents looking to take advantage of a unique opportunity.

The standard author/agent contract is acceptable with the only change being that any and all profits due to the author would be paid directly to the Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation to be used in its continuing mission to provide information to the families of missing American servicemen and missing American service women.

A formal proposal and sample chapters are available to suitable agent applicants.

Agents representing self-publishing or vanity publishers and individuals or agencies seeking “reading or publishing fees” to represent Chief Stone need not contact us.

If you believe you would be a good advocate to represent Chief Stone as his literary agent, please send your Name and Email Address to the Foundation using the “Leave A Reply” form below.

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