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Without YOUR contributions, our missions cannot be fulfilled. 

It is ONLY through YOUR support of our Foundation’s efforts that the families of our lost heroes can finally receive information and closure regarding the loss of a missing American service member. 

Homecoming for Tarawa Marine PFC Alfred Edwards at Arlington National Cemetery on 10 March 2020.

 On 7 February 2019, Foundation researchers responded to a “Family Request” and investigated PFC Edwards’ case.  The Foundation investigation narrowed the list of “Most Likely Matches” to just two “Unknowns” buried in the Punchbowl Cemetery in Honolulu, Hawaii:  Unknowns X-203 and X-209. 

IN AN INCREDIBLY STUNNING VALIDATION OF THE RISC SYSTEM CREATED BY CHIEF STONE AND UTILIZED BY FOUNDATION RESEARCHERS, PFC Edwards was officially identified as BOTH Unknown X-203 and X-209 by the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory on 27 August 2019.

YOUR personal contribution will help provide information to many MIA families in 2023 and …  

          Help bring more missing American heroes home. 

In appreciation, you own family member will be given a special memorial posting  at the “In Memoriam” section of our web site. Click on the gold star above to see our “In Memoriam” honorees.  They are not forgotten!

On behalf of these brave men and women and that of their families, please accept our Foundation’s most sincere thank you for your donation! 


Click on the image above for a direct link to a story regarding a case investigation by the Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation courtesy of Fox News, Veterans Day, November 11, 2019

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